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Research And Projects Activities

RCP is the leading polytechnic college in the field of project work. Project is the best reflector of studentโ€™s knowledge. Students put all their afford to fillip the color of their dream in form of project. Students are helped by well experienced Faculty and Staff. Some of our projects are appreciated by Gov sectors. Project activities in R C P running continuously. But from jan. to may is the peak time for projects work. Students of each branch perform their project work under the guidance of well knowledgeable and experienced faculty and staff members. Our first project come in picture in2012-13,A solar Car, from that this journey continuously going on. Our mechanical students manufactured double fuel bike, grass cutter, coal consumption energy system, commercial purpose lift, hydro projects, pressure cycle and many more in this list. The students of electronics branch manufactured low cost induction heater, railway traffic control system, Home security system and many more. Our civil students are on hike in field of design and drafting. Their projects also sponsors by leading brand in real state. Web design and cloud computing, current era in computer science engineering makes students attracting. To permot this activity โ€˜Project Fairโ€™ is organized every year.

The details of our projects are given below:-

Name of Projects Specification Description
Regenerative Breaking System Energy convergent It is used in automobile like hybrid car, motor etc. This system convert waste energy (between clutch engagement or disengagement to breaking time) into battery charging through dynamo.
Power Steering System Automobile Power steering system uses in car, buses, trucks, heavy duty vehicle etc. In this system manually 1:3 power is convert
Gas Turbine Electricity Generating Device India produced upto 45% electricity by Gas Turbine(Thermal Power plant). Coal used to produced gases by which blade of turbine rotate and kinetic energy convert into electrical energy.
Stair Climbing System Lift load machine This system is load lifting system and useable for load lift with help of triangular moveable wheel.
Fuel efficient car Automobile A 4 sheater car with 100-110cc engine having all accessories of maruti 800.
Washing Machine Padal Type Generally a washing machine is a electric system, but here the motor is replaced by chain and operate by padal.
Automatic water Sensor Energy saving This system is helpful in tank. When tank is fill up to top, the sensor off.
Solar Power Grass Cutter Solar Power system By use of solar energy battery charged and it operate grass cutter, a useable product in urbane area.
DC Motor Cycle Automobile This system is operated by manually padal or electric motor,through which EMF generate torque.
Gas kit Motorcycle Automobile Itโ€™s a CNG type system. Energy is generated by burning of gas.
Automatic Gear Bike Automobile In this bike gear is operated automatic by changing accelerator.

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